Why Choose TCB?

We have over 75 years of collective experience among the founding members, and the ability to quickly ramp up to match resource and skill levels to fluctuating demand.

Relationship Manager: A dedicated manager to the client will ensure that The Consulting Board (TCB) responds quickly and positively to any new requirements and that all engagements are carried out with the benefit of TCB’s high quality standards and strict ethical code.

Robust Quality Processes: The methodology strives for continuous process optimisation model to provide the metrication and transparency of operation required by major clients.

Reducing Total Cost of Operations (TCO): TCB brings in thought leaders sharing decades of industry expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring them full time. Having worked with global corporations across continents, the underlying foundation of TCB is its passion to share its deep knowledge and expertise with the Industry.

Long term commitment: Every consultant provided by TCB will be committed for the entire duration of the project with the client including the support period after the assignment.

Leverage the Network: TCB thought leaders have been in the industry for several decades with a strong network of the Industry experts who are willing to contribute in every assignment undertaken by TCB.

Process-oriented: TCB takes pride in being process oriented instead of people dependent which helps to deliver consistent quality to our customers. TCB uses its own tool for project management. TCB is committed to a long-term relationship and believes that executing each engagement will lay down the foundation for a long-term mutually beneficial relationship.